About Alycia

Hi, friends, and welcome!

Just in case the domain name didn’t clarify this, my name is Alycia Timm. If we’re getting legal here, my name is Alycia Luetkehans (August 4, 2018), Timm was just my first brand, and I’m a tad attached. I am a unique sum of my southern raising and my midwestern post-high school experiences. I am now a proud resident of the home to the greatest spectacle in racing, Indianapolis, Indiana.

A basic summary of the girl in that picture: I’m a guru of all things reading and writing. I am introverted to the max. I’m a wife, and I actually really enjoy being a wife. I drink coffee until my hands shake, then I eat carbs so that I can continue drinking coffee. I’m the proudest cat and dog mom on the planet.  I’m as ‘basic white girl‘ as it comes, and I have a blog post to prove it.

So that’s me, here I am, now 24 years young, loving life when I can, and surviving when I have to.

Thanks for joining me!