I am the baby of my entire family. On my dad’s side, I am separated from my closest cousin by 6 years. When I was younger this meant a lot of missing out. I missed out on slumber parties, big kid games, and memories that were made years before I was even thought of.  But … More Grams

Summer Book Reviews

Wait… this website still exists? Yeah, I know what you few people who actually keep up with my writing are thinking. We’ve gone quite a while without any activity on this page. But I just had to renew my domain name so I thought, might as well write something if I’m paying for it. So … More Summer Book Reviews

April Book Reviews

Well, you know what they Say, “April showers–  leads to great reads even if it takes half of May to finally get around to writing the reviews.” Well… okay then. April consisted of two chick flicks and two memoirs. I’d say I was pretty consistent. So, if either of those genres interest you, or even … More April Book Reviews

March Book Reviews

March was an interesting time for me. It came with segments of constant busyness and exhaustion, but with other segments of binge reading and relaxation. Interesting month, but these are the books that filled my head through it all. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Mary Poppins: P.L. Travers  4/5 stars This is a story of childhood nostalgia for anyone … More March Book Reviews

Just Keep Swimming

I’ve found myself on a pediatric oncology floor more times in this past year than I ever imagined I’d spend there in my entire life. Life has a way of doing that, putting you in places you never wanted to or imagined you’d ever have to be, as if trying to humble you, to remind … More Just Keep Swimming