Pizza Fridays

During the Summer of 2017, my dear friend, Julia, sent me a picture of her brand-new tattoo- a big ole cheesy piece of pepperoni pizza permanently inked into her thigh. Not too long after she sent me a picture of a new and edited version of that same tattoo, this time surrounded by the glorious … More Pizza Fridays

Here Comes The Sun

Asking this about your life, your struggle, the dreams you aren’t achieving, the goals you’ve long left, the career path you’ve invested in, the relationships you’ve invested in, that’s not as easy. There’s no control there. There’s no fix, and if there is, it sure as hell isn’t easy. … More Here Comes The Sun

Not Always Sorry

I’ve never had trouble apologizing. If I disrespected my parents, I would apologize. If I accidentally bumped into someone in the school hallway, I would apologize. If someone accidentally bumped into me in a school hallway, I would apologize. I learned from an early age that this is the way to prevent further conflict and … More Not Always Sorry

When Your Season Of Thanksgiving Isn’t in November

The Instagram posts started early this month. Some told us of something they were thankful for every day of this month, some waited until this week, and some waited until today and captured their spouse, child, dog, promotion letter, and brand-new couch all in one artistic picture to share all that they are thankful for … More When Your Season Of Thanksgiving Isn’t in November