Welcome, freshmen: my tips on how to not fail at doing college

Stop buying clothes You’re probably buying the wrong things. I spent so much money before I even stepped foot on campus, deciding what my style would be, and in actuality, I got it all wrong. When you get to campus you are exposed to so many cool styles and trends. College is a time to … More Welcome, freshmen: my tips on how to not fail at doing college


“You reach a state of hopelessness prematurely.” I stared across the over-friendly room, decorated with like, cats and stuff, and I looked her straight in her chin. She adjusted he head a little to meet my eyes, but I overcompensated in nervous rebellion and looked at her forehead instead. She gave up and continued. “It … More Repairable

I Never Say Always

The winter here is “miserable.” They “never” want to go out. He “always” says that when he’s mad. The pain of heartbreak is “excruciating.” That outfit is “hideous.” She “constantly” get’s mad at them. I use to exaggerate as much as the rest of them. It seems harmless really until it starts effecting your entire … More I Never Say Always


Incipient (Adjective) Beginning to develop or exist It’s the way he found her in the labyrinth of her own vulnerability. She was stranded in the twisted curves of dead-end insecurities as she felt around the darkness on her hands and knees just trying to find the parts of herself that the past had stripped. She … More Incipient


I, like many, am terribly flawed, and this hand of flaws keeps me from fully achieving the adjective of being lovely. But that’s the process, right? One of my most prevalent flaws is the inability to truly exercise composure. Every chapter of life removes a sense of control. Each has new ups and downs. When … More Composure