I Never Say Always

The winter here is “miserable.” They “never” want to go out. He “always” says that when he’s mad. The pain of heartbreak is “excruciating.” That outfit is “hideous.” She “constantly” get’s mad at them. I use to exaggerate as much as the rest of them. It seems harmless really until it starts effecting your entire … More I Never Say Always

RIP Miss Brill

Go back to high school for a second. Think of that kid, the one who tried so desperately to be cool. We’ll just call him John for this example. So think of John. He probably annoyed you a little; lame people always kind of annoy us for some reason. Now think of him getting tired … More RIP Miss Brill


I, like many, am terribly flawed, and this hand of flaws keeps me from fully achieving the adjective of being lovely. But that’s the process, right? One of my most prevalent flaws is the inability to truly exercise composure. Every chapter of life removes a sense of control. Each has new ups and downs. When … More Composure

Hey, You’re Enough

I remember the moment when I was finally able to look at the situation from the outside in. I was laying in bed, talking partially to my roommate, partially to the wall, but mostly to myself, as I finally spoke out the whole aching experience. I concluded the story with my own sudden realization, “If … More Hey, You’re Enough