The Lucky Ones

Yesterday, Andrew and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary. For those of you who didn’t marry a traditionalist like I did, the second wedding anniversary is the cotton anniversary. In addition to being a traditionalist, my husband is a sentimentalists. What this means is: I have a tub full of t-shirts in my basement that … More The Lucky Ones

Northern Stars- And What They Lead Us To

“You’re cool and all, but your friend started texting me, and well…” *extremely detailed and graphic text about “last night” followed by, “Sorry, I meant to send that to someone else.” “God thinks that we should break up.”  “You know how at the beginning of the semester we were both virgins… well I’m not anymore.” … More Northern Stars- And What They Lead Us To


Incipient (Adjective) Beginning to develop or exist It’s the way he found her in the labyrinth of her own vulnerability. She was stranded in the twisted curves of dead-end insecurities as she felt around the darkness on her hands and knees just trying to find the parts of herself that the past had stripped. She … More Incipient

Hey, You’re Enough

I remember the moment when I was finally able to look at the situation from the outside in. I was laying in bed, talking partially to my roommate, partially to the wall, but mostly to myself, as I finally spoke out the whole aching experience. I concluded the story with my own sudden realization, “If … More Hey, You’re Enough