One Lovely Blog Award


one lovely blog award

I’m so honored to be nominated by the Incredibly talented Nicole Parks for the One Lovely Blog award. I would like to pass the baton to the also incredibly talented Laura Koenig !

As most civil things in this world, this nomination contains a few rules:

  • Thank the person that nominated you and leave a link to their blog
  • Post about the award
  • Share 7 facts about yourself
  • Nominate at most 15 people
  • Tell your nominees the good news!

So, as a cautious rule follower here are my seven facts:

  1. I am a strict rule follower. I guess I spoiled this one already, but it’s really so true. My friends once ditched me at an outlet mall because I refused to j-walk through a busy intersection.  I can count the number of times I had to “pull a card” in elementary school on one hand, and those few times resulted in a lot of tears, shame, and begging of the teacher to forgive me. In high school I would never successfully break a rule without giving in and tattling on myself before the rule was even entirely broken. This got to the point that I’m pretty sure my parents secretly prayed for me to develop a tiny bit of rebellion just so they could know that I would function okay with society. So yes, I’m a very strict follower of the rules. Well, every rule other than the speed limit.
  2. I have been issued 3 speeding tickets and two warnings in my 6 years of driving. With all of the speeding tickets the police officers were kind enough to underplay the speed I was going so that I didn’t receive reckless driving. I have never cried to get out of a speeding ticket, because quite frankly, I always know that I have it coming when it comes. I don’t mean to speed, it just happens. I’m just so incredibly fast paced.
  3. I live in an incredibly fast pace. My college roommate said it took her months to get over the anxiety that my morning routine caused her. She says that to this day she has never met anyone who puts deodorant on as quickly as I do. I am a fan of efficiency, and I very much value every second in my day. Yes, even those seconds spent putting on deodorant in the morning.
  4. I dream to be Audrey Hepburn. (In case you didn’t notice, I am now done with the well-flowing answers) Everyone is entitled to that one completely unrealistic dream. I’m not talking about the “I want to be a rockstar” dream, or even the “I want to be a princess” dream, Kate Middleton, proved that one possible for us all. I’m talking about the “I want to be a beautiful, elegant, and now deceased actress (not like her, i want to BE her)” dream. I think Audrey Hepburn may very well be the loveliest human to ever walk the earth. I have seen all of her movies, and there isn’t a single one that I watch that doesn’t end with me saying, “I want to be that.” The good news is: I am only 2 inches, 30 pounds, 41 years, 7 vocal surgeries, and 98 plastic surgeries away from this dream. Possible, right?
  5. If I was given the opportunity to go back in time, I would not visit Jesus. Quite the opposite really. I would go to the 1920’s and have a drink with Earnest Hemmingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald. I have it all planned out:     I would have my time machine drop me off at a speak easy close to Gertrude Stein’s house. I would purchase the pub’s best scotch, as I imagine it would be much cheaper then, and I would take it to Mrs. Stein’s house. If the scotch was good enough I’m sure they’ll let me in.  I would hang with Mrs. Stein’s partner and admire some of Pablo Picasso’s paintings, as I’m sure my literary friends would be fashionably late. When they arrive, I would pour us all a glass of scotch, not because I like scotch, but because I’m sure they would be much more willing to talk with me if I had a bit of scotch with them. We would then have a moveable feast in a clean well lighten place, where I would tell them about the future. I would tell Scott not to sweat that Gatsby didn’t sell too well, because when he’s long dead it’ll sell Millions. I would hold off on telling him that Zelda will never really stop being insane, it’ll actually get much worse. However I might encourage him that he will get many a story out of his Alabama Flapper wife. We would laugh and talk deep into the tender night, and we wouldn’t stop until The sun also rises. Then My time machine would arrive and I’d bid a farewell, and return to this side of paradise, taking the scotch, of course, because who knows how much that would be worth now. Now let’s clarify, it’s not that I don’t think hanging out with Jesus would be pretty cool, but I am just dying to spend time in the afternoon of an author.
  6. If you didn’t catch any of the literary references in the paragraph above, we will never be friends. Nothing more to it.
  7. If you ever check out a playlist on my phone and actually like a song, there is a 98% chance that I found it on a movie soundtrack. Most likely 500 Days of Summer, for that is my favorite movie, with, in my opinion, the best sound track. (there’s a freebie for you, now go watch it!)


I am a strong believer in words, and they have done so much in my life. I am very honored that Nichole thought my blog worthy to mention, and though she has already been nominated, I want to encourage my followers to check her blog out for a good laugh. Her dark humor is so twisted and hilarious, and her point of view on life is something to be admired. I had the privilege of taking many classes with her throughout college, and her stories kept me laughing, no matter how dark the subject matter got.

Now I have the privilege of nominating someone else for this award, and I want to point everyone to the refreshing perspective of Laura Koenig. Laura has one of the kindest spirits of anyone I’ve ever met, and this spirit speaks clearly in her writing. Enjoy!



Picture credit: The oh so sweet Chelsea Sweet!

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