Summer Book Reviews

book review pic.jpgSummer reads, are the best reads! It has been so nice to enjoy beautiful words under sunny skies. Add these to your summer lists!

From Sand and Ash: Amy Harmon
4/5 stars
No matter how many WWII books I read, I always gain something different and important from each and every one. This one was no exception. From Sand and Ash is a atory of a brave jewish violinist and the tailored catholic priest who grew up with the girl and came to fall in love with her. The story takes the two into the tragedy of WWII, where they will do anything to keep the other safe. This story, like all WWII stories, follows only one person’s life during this impactful time, and shows a kind of brokenness just slightly unique from the other stories set in this time.
4/5 stars
Though slow at parts, this book brought a lot of unique perspective to me while simultaneously introducing me to a world that I have never known. The story follows multiple story lines which all come together in a devastating fashion. Follow the story of a young couple living alone on an island. The man works on the islands light house and the woman works to make the island a home. The only thing they long for in they cozy little life is a baby. This one thing has been given and taken from the time from time.
Follow another story of a woman with similar loss. The difference is, one day her husband was chased away while holding the baby, and neither he nor the baby ever returned.
This story was well written and extremely well researched. The facts were presented in a way that made you believe the author was right there in the middle of it all.
The Glass Castle: Jeanette Walls
Sometimes you read a book that makes you take a step back and say, “wait, some people actually live like this?” This was one of those books for me.
The Glass Castle is a true memoir of Jeanette Wall’s life and all of the beauty and destruction that came in the package deal of it. With a free-willed artist mother, and a brilliant, but drunken, father, this book was destined for a roller coaster of stories, and Walls did not disappoint. As you read her stories of the different places she lived with her family, and the different worlds she came to know, you come to appreciate her as both an author and a person for her beautiful stories and perspective on life.

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