Here Comes The Sun

Asking this about your life, your struggle, the dreams you aren’t achieving, the goals you’ve long left, the career path you’ve invested in, the relationships you’ve invested in, that’s not as easy. There’s no control there. There’s no fix, and if there is, it sure as hell isn’t easy. … More Here Comes The Sun

Uniquely Basic, White, and Girl

The things I enjoy have never hindered me or anyone else. I am ambitious, I am competitive, I am strong, and most importantly, I am Unique. A pair of shoes doesn’t change that and a hot beverage doesn’t change that. I don’t lose individuality or originality by being a “basic white girl,” no matter how culture attempts to group me, and I’m not about to give up things that I genuinely enjoy no matter how much culture attempts to shame me for it.

I’m uniquely basic… What’s it to ya? … More Uniquely Basic, White, and Girl