More Than a Sunset

As a collector of knowledge there are few things in life that break me more than the questions I ask that no one can answer. I drove my Sunday school leaders crazy when I was a child. So many, “why’s?” So many, “But then what’s?” So many thoughts that my young imagination churned that no … More More Than a Sunset

Prove It

I don’t consider myself to be a feminist. I also wouldn’t classify myself as an anti-feminist or a traditionalist. I’m kind of caught in this dilemma, because while I agree that women should have equal rights, I’ve never been in a place where I haven’t. I’ve just worked hard, and in result I’ve reaped rewards. … More Prove It


I am an INFJ. That’s what good ole Myers Briggs declared of me. I’m more introverted than extroverted, meaning I get energy from being alone, I’m more intuition than sensing, meaning I pay more attention to impressions or meanings behind instances rather than cold hard reality. I am more feeling than thinking, meaning I tend … More Verted…

Welcome, freshmen: my tips on how to not fail at doing college

Stop buying clothes You’re probably buying the wrong things. I spent so much money before I even stepped foot on campus, deciding what my style would be, and in actuality, I got it all wrong. When you get to campus you are exposed to so many cool styles and trends. College is a time to … More Welcome, freshmen: my tips on how to not fail at doing college


“You reach a state of hopelessness prematurely.” I stared across the over-friendly room, decorated with like, cats and stuff, and I looked her straight in her chin. She adjusted he head a little to meet my eyes, but I overcompensated in nervous rebellion and looked at her forehead instead. She gave up and continued. “It … More Repairable