No Offense, But Stop Being Offended

I, like you and everyone else in the world, can find a million reasons to be offended every single day. Someone doesn’t pay attention when you’re trying to get through a crowded area, someone is talking all about a weekend away with her boyfriend right after your nasty breakup, the person at the four way stop who clearly got there after you took off before you.

I know people are careless, inconsiderate, and even dumb at times. Trust me, I’ve experienced it all. And do you want to know a secret? I have been that careless, inconsiderate, and dumb person way too many times to condemn them, and so have you. That’s just part of being human. It’s an inevitable flaw, like sinning. We can, and should, work so hard to not be this way, but sometimes we will slip because there is only one human who has walked this earth designed to be perfect, and believe it or not, that person isn’t you — or me, just to clear that air.

In our generation, offended is the new style. People wear offense on their face with indignation of a new Tiffany’s diamond necklace. Our generation has developed an incredible list of things to be offended by to the point that authenticity has become a rarity because no one other than the offended knows how to effectively express opinions without being attacked and demoralized. 

What needs to be understood is it is never my intention, as I’m sure it is never yours, and most likely it is very few people’s intention to be offensive. It’s just a unfortunate aspect of nature. Should I, you, and others be more sensitive at times? Yes, but is it really worth an uproar?

Once I finally came around to accepting this principle of humanity, my quality of life increased by multitudes. That heavy strand of chains that tied knots in my stomach every time I got offended is finally unraveling and releasing me from the shackles of my own anger.

I can’t imagine the boy-scout knots tied in the stomachs of those who flood my social media with their long list of hatred. It’s not a healthy way of life. I imagine this mindset has both physical and emotional side-effects that no one should suffer for something so avoidable.

When you are constantly being offended you are constantly being pulled out of reality. You are constantly removing yourself from conversation. You are constantly viewing people through filters of anger.

I’ll let you in on a little secret… most people don’t appreciate it. Most people don’t find you noble, or brave. Most people don’t have interest invested in the fact that you seem to care so deeply about something that everything related to it sets you off on a tangent that makes everyone around you sigh. Most people don’t enjoy walking on eggshells. When you have a long and growing list of subjects you take offense to you become a bitter and miserable person to be around, to spend time with, and to talk to.

Choose to let a few things go. Choose to see people as human. Choose to stop demonizing people who say something that rubs you wrong. Choose to disagree respectfully. Choose to live a healthier life.

I’m not telling you to stop fighting for causes. I’m not telling you to lose your passion for subjects. I’m just advising that you do yourself a favor and pick your arguments wisely. Life is short, and that knot in your stomach is not a health-effective way to live your years.

Offensive nature is a life style, and it’s a miserable one to lead.



Side-note: if this article offended you, I recommend you read it again.


Photo by: the marvelous Chelsea Sweet

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