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I’m kind of an avid believer that I was born in the wrong decade. Everything in me longs for the chivalry and romance that rarely exists today. Among these longings, I desire the heart felt depth shown in music of long lost decades. I love the idea in Moon River of “two dreamers off to see the world, and there’s such a lot of world to see.” I love the fun adoration of Daisy Bell “I’m half crazy all for the love of you,” and the warm expression in Have I told you Lately that I Love You, asking, “Have I told you with all my heart and soul how I adore you?”

These expressions are seen as outdated now, and that makes my soul weep a little. But do they have to be? Is 1940’s romance really a lost cause? I feel we like to put all the blame on the guys, but girls, I think we do a lot of it to ourselves in the way we allow our image to be presented.

Frank Sinatra sang, “Oh but you’re LOVELY, with your smile so warm.”

Why don’t we allow ourselves to be lovely anymore? Why are our smiles now cold in manipulation? Why do put efforts into evoking descriptions from men such as “sexy” and “hot” when we could be so much more than surface derived adjectives? Why do we think we have to be this cool casual girl, completely twisting a man’s vulnerable mind to get his affection?

Men will respond to who we are, and that’s who we’ll become to them. But besides that, do it for you own self-worth.

Sexy is defined as “sexually arousing.”

Lovely is defined as “exquisitely beautiful.”

Exquisite beauty must work from the inside out, causing it to never be fully achievable, and to forever be difficult, but I feel it’s worth it if I can present myself as someone much more valuable than a mere sexual appeal.

Join me in bringing lovely back.

photography by: Julia Holladay

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